192KHz High Performance Stereo Line-In to S/PDIF and Coaxial Converter

产品型号: FG-ACV03A


This Analog to Digital Audio Convertor can takes your standard analog stereo audio and converts it to S/PDIF or coaxial digital audio source. It is ideal for home audio application and even professional audio application as it can support up to 24-bit / 192KHz sampling for digital recording.

Up to 24-bit / 192 KHz S/PDIF and Coaxial digital audio signal converted from stereo audio channels
High performance Analog to Digital Codec IC
Selectable sample rate
Compact form factor

Digital Output Audio Connector: 1 x S/PDIF, 1 x Coaxial
Dip Switch: select sampling to 48KHz / 96KHz / 192KHz at 24-bit resolution
Analog Input Audio Connectors: RCA x 2
Digital Transmitter: Ultra low jitter design - WM8804
ADC : High performance stereo ADC - CS5361
DC Jack: External Power Supply - 5V DC @ 1A

Analog to Digital audio converter x 1
AC Power adapter with 5VDC/1A output x 1
RCA to RCA cable x 1(Optional)
User’s Manual x 1


产品型号 主控芯片
ACV03A Cirrus Logic 

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