Power over eSATA + eSATA +Power Extension Kit

产品型号: FG-BS2D-V1T-1PZ1Z


The Power over eSATA + eSATA + Power Extension Kit extends internal SATA port, USB port and DC +12V power from your desktop PC to external devices like Power over eSATA, eSATA or USB hard drive enclosure.

Power over eSATA
Power over eSATA is a new interface and is the combination of eSATA and USB in one port which allows the power to be supplied via USB. This new interface supports not only Power over eSATA devices but also standard eSATA and USB devices

Connection Diagram

功能参数 & Specification:

External Interface
DC +12V/3A power jack x 1 (For DC plug size: inner diameter 2.1 mm,
outer diameter 5.5 mm)
Power over eSATA connector x 1 (with USB power and signals)
eSATA connector x 1

Internal Interface
4-pin FDD power connector x 1
Dual SATA connector x 1 (for 2 x SATA cable connection)
USB-A (Female) connector x 1 / USB pin header X 1
(port shared with USB-A (Female) connector)


Extension Module with Standard profile bracket x 1
Low profile bracket x 1
DC +12V power cable x 1
SATA cable x 2
USB-A(Male) to Pin-Header(Female) cable x 1
4-pin power Y-cable x 1


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