ExpressCard/34 to Power over eSATA Adapter

产品型号: FG-XSA2-JB4-001PZ



The ExpressCard/34 to Power over eSATA adapter (1 Port) provides a high performance platform for the notebook PC to connect Power over eSATA devices, standard eSATA and standard USB devices, i.e., external eSATA HDD enclosure, eSATA or USB flash drive. The Power over eSATA port supplies power through the USB interface. Your 2.5” USB or Power over eSATA hard drive enclosure can operate on this product without needing an external power adapter.

功能参数 & Specification

 ExpressCard/34 standard
 Power over eSATA connector x 1
 Supports Power over eSATA, eSATA and USB devices
 Data transfer rate: USB 2.0 up to 480Mbps
                                    eSATA up to 3Gbps
 Supports Plug & Play and Hot plug


ExpressCard/34 to Power over eSATA adapter x 1
 驱动光盘 x 1


产品型号 主控芯片
FG-XSA2-JB4-001PZ Jmicron

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