PCI to Mini-PCI Adapter



This PCI to Mini-PCI Adapter is an advanced adapter for PCI to Mini-PCI Type-III slot. This adapter provides with an integrated Mini-PCI slot allows you to use Mini-PCI cards (such as GPRS modem, Wireless LAN, or any other Mini-PCI 1.0 compliant module) in standard PCI socket. This adapter also includes two LED indicators, RF connector and RF Cable for Wi-Fi module.
功能参数 & Specification
 PCI host interface compliant with PCI Specification Revision 2.2
 Mini-PCI connector compliant with Mini-PCI Specification Revision 1.0
 Supports Mini-PCI Type-III module
 On-board LED Indicators
 On-board RF connector and RF cable for Wi-Fi module
 Board size: 120(L) x 40(H) mm (excluding mounting bracket)
 User-select Mini-PCI +3.3V power source: PCI +3.3V or on-board regulator (LDO)
 User-select PME (Power Management Event) signal: Enable or Disable
 User-select Mini-PCI LED Indicator Signal: LED1_GRNP, LED1_GRNN, LED2_YELP or LED2_YELN.
 Driverless - This adapter is transparent to operating system. Only the driver for the Mini-PCI module is required.

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