PCI IEEE 1394b FireWire Controller Card (3 external 1394b + 1 shared internal 1394a ports)

产品型号: FG-PFWB-V1T-003BI-1



This PCI IEEE 1394b FireWire Controller card is designed base on the advance technology of IEEE 1394b standard with transfer rate up to 800Mbps, it is also compliant with IEEE 1394-1995 and IEEE standard 1394a-2000. Having the data transfer rate backward compatible to 400/200/100M bps, it is an ideal platform for connecting the exiting 1394a or 1394b mass storage devices, with its ultimate high speed, it is also perfect for video capturing and audio data transferring. Furthermore, the controller card allows 2 or more computers connected together via the firewire ports to form a simple local area network.

功能参数 & Specification

Compliant with PCI 32-bit Local Bus Specification Revision 2.3
Support provisions of IEEE Standard P1394b-2002
Compliant with 1394 Open Host Controller Interface (OHCI) specification Revision 1.1 and 1.2 draft
Support 800 / 400 / 200 / 100Mbps transfer rate
即插即用 & Play and Hot Plug supported
Fully backward compatible to 1394a specification
Compliant with IEEE 1394a-2000 and 1394-1995 standard for a High-Performance Serial Bus
Fully interoperable with FirewireTM , iLINKTM and SB1394TM implementation of IEEE 1394 standard.
Equipped with Bilingual IEEE Standard 1394b-2002 ports for 800Mbps data transferring
Software driver supports Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP 32/64-bit, Server 2003 32-bit, Vista 32/64-bit, Mac OS


PCI IEEE 1394b FireWire Controller Card X 1
驱动光盘 x 1


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