SkyLink Pro (USB Personal VoIP Gateway for Skype)



USB Personal VoIP Gateway for Skype

Small in size (same size as a floppy drive)
Supports 3-way callings: PSTN (regular phone) + Skype (remote) + Skype (local)
Routes or switches between Skype and regular phone calls in any direction
Supports voice recording of Skype and rgular phone calls

Make and receive Skype calls using your standard telephone
Forward Skype calls to your mobile phone (through a fixed PSTN line)
Make Skype calls from your mobile phone even when you are away from your computer
Switches between a Skype call and a regular phone call
Check Skype voicemail from your hHandset
Record incoming Skype, PSTN and forwarded calls as Wave (W**) Files
Continue to make and receive regular calls as you normally do


Compliant with USB Plug & Play and Hot-Plug operation
Compliant with USB 2.0 Full Speed (12Mbps) specification
Bus powered. No external power required
LED Indicators: Power, VoIP Call, PSTN call
Connectors: USB Port, RJ11 telephone jack, RJ11 phone line jack
Multi-Lingual SkyLink Pro Personal VoIP Gateway software for Windows, designed based on Skype Application Programming Interface (API)
Supports VoIP to PSTN call forward
Supports PSTN to VoIP call forward
Supports VoIP and PSTN 3-way conference call
Supports VoIP and PSTN call waiting
Supports Skype caller-ID display on regular phone
Supports Skype and PSTN call recorder
Supports Skype voicemail
Supports Toll Bypass
Dimension: 101(W) x 26(H) x 103(L) mm


Pentium 450MHz or equivalent, 128MB system memory
One available USB port (1.1 or 2.0)
Approximately 20MB free hard disk space for SkyLink Pro driver and application
Internet connection
MS Windows 2000 or XP
Skype (for Windows) version 1.3 or above
Telephone (regular telephone, cordless Phone, DECT phone )
Telephone service (for conference call, 3-way calling and forwarding features)


USB Skype phone
CDROM containing SkyLink Pro application software and driver
USB cable x 1
Telephone cable x 1
x 1


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