USB 2.0 Multi-function Dock

产品型号: FG-DCB01A


This USB 2。0 Multi-function Dock increases the functionality and connectivityof your notebook or desktop computerin one easy step. By connecting it to your computer’s USB port, you can have Stereo sound with virtual 3D effect and 10/100Mbps Fast Ethernet support. Also, it allows you to connect to Power-over-eSATA  (USB/eSATA) device and up to nine USB 2。0 high-speed peripherals.

功能参数 & Specification
 1 x USB Mini-B connector (Connect to computer)
 1 x Mono microphone
 1 x Stereo headphone jack
 1 x Audio Line-out jack (Virtual 7.1ch 3D sound)
 1 x RJ-45 connector (10/100Mbps)
 9 x USB 2.0 High-speed port (480Mbps)
 1 x Power-over-eSATA (eSATA/USB) port, with DC +5V power
 eSATA interface data transfer rate up to 1.5Gbps
 1 x DC +5V power jack
 Free Xear software bundled for virtual 3D sound effect

 USB 2.0 Multi-function dock  x 1
 USB-A to USB mini-B cable x 1
 Universal AC to DC adapter x 1
 驱动光盘 x 1


产品型号 主控芯片
 FG-DCB01A Cmedia + Moship +Sunplus 

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