5.25” USB 2.0 SATA Enclosure

产品型号: FG-5SA2-S2-001U



This 5.25” USB 2.0 SATA Enclosure is designed to provide a solution to connect existing storage devices, such as SATA hard drive, CDROM, DVDROM or Blu-ray optical drives, to the USB 2.0 bus on your computer. It is an ideal storage device interconnect solution for multimedia application. The enclosure is compliant with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0 with peak data transfer rate up to 480Mbps (High-Speed) and 12Mbps (Full-Speed) mode.

功能参数 & Specification

 High quality, rigid aluminium body
 Accommodates all existing storage devices such as CD-ROM, DVD-ROM and Blu-ray drives
 Complies with Serial-ATA 1.0a Specification
 Supports Serial-ATA generation 1 with transfer rate up to 1.5Gbps
 Complies with Universal Serial Bus Specification Revision 2.0
 Supports High-Speed (480Mbps) and Full-Speed (12Mbps) mode
 Complies with USB Mass Storage Device Class Bulk only transfer
 Supports the USB host controller for UHCI, OHCI and EHCI mode
 Supports Plug-n-Play, Hot-Swap and Wake-Up
 Self-Power mode

* Hard Drive not included


 5.25” USB 2.0 SATA Enclosure x 1
 USB 2.0 (Type ‘A’ to Type ‘B’) cable x 1
 SATA cable x 1
 SATA power cable x 1
 Universal AC to DC 12V adapter x 1
 Plastic Stand x 1
 驱动光盘 x 1
 说明书 x 1


产品型号 主控芯片
 FG-5SA2-S2-001U Sunplus 

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